Investigative by nature, I was inspired to pursue a degree in the police science field and graduated with an Associates in Police Science.   As I began to study further, I discovered other related fields in the private sector that allowed me to broaden my knowledge and legal abilities.  Since 2006, I have aided attorneys throughout the state of Oklahoma and legal teams across the country in successful effectuation of service and due diligence of ethical investigative findings.

I am a licensed and bonded process server and private investigator with certifications in private security and private investigations. I am also a member of the Oklahoma Private Investigators Association (OPIA) and National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS).

People describe me as a strong willed and extremely driven investigator; I love the pursuit and revel in success. It is most important to me to perform to both my, and my client’s, expectations and get it done right the first time. This is what makes me and my team different from the “part timers” in the business.

Chad Schultheis
President / Director of Operations & Investigations
OPI Agency #10PIA3887
Process Server License # PSS-2015-13

Oklahoma Accuserve
A Division of Moonlight Investigative Services, LLC