Private Investigation

Don’t settle for “fly by night”; get it done right the first time!

Moonlight Investigative Services LLC is a Yukon, OK based investigative firm and process server company servicing the entire state of Oklahoma.

We specialize in the discreet pursuit of all types of investigative cases and professional service of all legal documents. Other services include employer background checks, document courier services, skip tracing and document retrieval.

Private Investigation Services

  • Infidelity

    At Moonlight Investigative Services, we do investigations into infidelity cases. Our services include 24 hour a day surveillance, throughout Oklahoma, photos and/or video proof, and undercover surveillance as needed.

    We welcome inquiries from divorce lawyers or individuals, and approach these delicate matters with the utmost discretion. For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)

  • Insurance Fraud

    When a claimant is looking to defraud an insurance company, he is typically exaggerating his injuries and the extent of time for recovery. For example, a claimant is injured in a car wreck, and he may claim the inability to work and provide for his family. Thus, he is seeking higher monetary compensation to offset the effects of the injury on his daily life.

    It is our job to prove the true extent and effects of the injury. This is done through persistent surveillance, which includes monitoring a person's home and daily activities to assess his injuries. For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)

  • Missing Persons

    At Moonlight Investigative Services, we want you to know that missing persons and runaway cases are treated as a very high priority by our agency. Time can often be precious as we embark on interviewing friends, family, teachers, co-workers, and the public when appropriate. We diligently work to gather clues as to the individual’s whereabouts to aide in recovery efforts, and we will keep you informed in a timely manner, as to our findings.

    For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)

  • Child Custody

    A child’s welfare is the number one priority for all parties involved. Unfortunately, at times, it is in the best interest for a child to be in the primary custody of one party or another.

    It is our main objective to assist our clients in proving their case via ethical means. For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)

  • Workplace Investigations

    Our Workplace Investigations at Moonlight Investigative Services cover several facets. We will help determine theft causes, conduct interviews and provide audio documentation. We pursue sexual harassment claims, perform background investigations of employees, uncover employee dishonesty cases, and conduct property surveillance.

    For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)

  • Other

    We also offer: Property Surveillance, Monitor & determine break-in causes and issues, After hours monitoring of homes and businesses

    For more information email or call us at 405-364-2228 (ACCU)